BE / B Tech Marine Engineering Syllabus

B Tech / BE marine engineering syllabus offers knowledge about the designing, development, operation, and maintenance of ships, aircraft carriers, submarines, sailboats, tankers, etc. The Marine Engineering syllabus involves the student to grab practical and theoretical knowledge about the aircraft in the 4 years’ duration. In this tenure, there will be theoretical classes with modern technology within the campus and practical sessions on real-ship and labs.

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What should you do after clearing Marine Engineering Syllabus?

After clearing the marine engineering syllabus student will get a degree and applicable to approach for the higher qualification courses. The student can build their great career in the following organizations which are as follows:

  • Shore-based marine engineering companies
  • Fishing companies
  • Coastal shipping companies
  • Oil and gas industry companies
  • Cruise ship companies
  • Superyacht owners
  • Research Bodies
  • Marine Time Universities

Apart from fulfilling the marine engineering subjects needed, there are some extra skills needed to be a marine engineer. Here are few marine engineering requirements of skills which are as follows:-

  • Interest in science, technology, and ships:- Marine Engineering is related to the development, design, operation, and maintenance of boats, ships, etc. The student’s desire to join this course must be passionate about the technology, ships, and science which is being used to perform actions.
  • Practical and Technical Skills:- Practical and technical skills are the combination to become a great engineer as it helps in experimental and self-learning.
  • Problem-solving Ability:- The marine engineer must have the capability to solve the problem soon by their creativity and logical flow of knowledge and progress.
  • Team Working and Leadership Skills:- Team work always leads to an exchange of knowledge, learning, and ideas. It helps to create a great atmosphere and face difficult situations. Leadership is an important aspect as it requires to think about the team and helps them in achieving their goals.
  • Active Listening:- Active listening benefits every worker to remember and understand the conversations and meetings.
  • Time Management:- Time Management is essential to plan and organize the task assigned to them for achieving the goal.
  • Multitasking skills:- Multitasking skills will help you carry out more tasks and be more competitive. A multitasking person can perform more than one task at the time.
  • Communication Skills:- Communication skills increase you or your teams' performance because they provide clear information and expectations to help manage and deliver great work.

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